The CAHS Biostatistician provides broader support for the biostatistics requirements of CAHS research projects. This varies from biostatistical analysis for research projects through to setting up support systems and processes for biostatistics support and project review.

CAHS has a number of networked Stata licences that can be accessed via a CAHS computer for staff. Stata is a statistical software package that enables users to analyse, manage and produce graphs and figures.

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Contact to find out more about what biostatistics support best meets the needs of your research project.

Telethon Kids Institute Biometrics Team

Thanks to our partnership with the Biometrics team at Telethon Kids Institute, CAHS researchers can access biostatistics support via non-bookable drop-in sessions, bookable consultation sessions, and a limited amount of analysis support to researchers undertaking child health research.

The service is very flexible with consultation sessions used for anything from review of study design and/or analysis plans through to assistance with result interpretation. Analysis support can be used for anything from processing data to carrying out statistical modelling or data presentation.

Biostatistics support is available for CAHS researchers for up to 7.5 hours per project (consultations do not count towards this allocation).

An initial 60-minute consultation is required to have analysis carried out on your project, at which point the biostatistician will decide whether the project’s research question(s) and data are sufficiently refined to enable analysis. At this stage, necessary advice will be provided about the biostatistics requirements for your research project.

We encourage engagement with a biostatistician early in the research design phase, to help with proper planning and to ensure your study design will be able to address your research question. This also helps make effective use of your allocated biostatistics support.

As the time allocation for individual projects is limited, if the biostatistics requirements of a project are over and above the allowed allocation, researchers can use the Biometrics Team (on a cost recovery basis) for ongoing analysis for large projects.

To make efficient use of this limited time, please come sufficiently prepared – this includes bringing papers related to similar research or measures that you intend to use, having discussed your project at length with the rest of the research team (ensuring research objectives/questions are clear), and understanding potential study constraints (participant recruitment estimates, important deadlines/timeline considerations).

Thanks to Telethon Perth for their funding support of the Telethon Kids Institute biostatistical support.

Last Updated: 05/05/2022