Consumer engagement

CAHS is committed to partnering with our consumers to make sure that our services are shaped by the people who use them. 

What do we mean when we use the word ‘consumer’?

There are all types of people who use our services at CAHS. We serve children, young people, parents, siblings, carers and families in many different ways when they visit us. We call all of these people ‘consumers’.

How can consumers shape our services? 

There are a number of ways that consumers can help us shape how we deliver services to children and families in Western Australia. These include:
  • developing guidelines for staff about how things should be done 
  • deciding what is on pamphlets and posters for consumers
  • working out how we can make services safer 
  • planning new services
  • improving services
  • training staff 
  • making decisions about their care.

Find out more about becoming one of our consumer representatives and sitting on one of our committees, groups or councils.

Consumer Engagement Strategy

The Child and Adolescent Health Service has developed a Consumer Engagement Strategy 2020-2022. This is a strategy to improve how we partner with children, young people and families in relation to:

  • clinical care, treatment and support
  • sharing feedback with us and how we use it
  • participating in improving our service.

Read our Consumer Engagement Strategy.

Last Updated: 24/01/2022