Careers at CAHS

Working at CAHS can be both personally and professionally rewarding, whether you are working directly with patients and their carers, or in a support role.  

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We are committed to building a sustainable, skilled Aboriginal health workforce from entry level to leadership roles, using a variety of career pathways and employment opportunities for Aboriginal people.

Find out more about how we support Aboriginal employment at CAHS.

Allied health and health science staff work together with other healthcare professionals to support a person’s medical care. 

Areas include: audiology, dietetics, medical imaging technology, medical science, medical physics, neurophysiology technology, nuclear medicine technology, occupational therapy, orthotics, pharmacy, psychology, physiotherapy, podiatry, respiratory science, sleep technology, social work, sonographer and speech pathology. 

The Department of Health has more information about Allied Health positions available.
Our non-clinical professionals support all our clinical and patient support services deliver exceptional care to the children and young people of Western Australia. 

Non-clinical professionals undertake roles in:

  • administration/clerical support
  • child and family engagement
  • contract management
  • communications
  • finance
  • health promotion
  • hospital management
  • human resources
  • information technology
  • information resources (library)
  • medical illustrations
  • occupational health and safety
  • planning
  • policy
  • project management
  • procurement
  • public relations
  • business intelligence
  • records management
  • systems administration and many other roles.
Doctors are involved in a wide range of direct patient care activities, including consultations, attending emergencies, performing operations and arranging medical investigations.

CAHS helps children grow and thrive and we offer these same opportunities to the nurses who join our team. We provide an environment that is as nurturing, as it is dynamic. Our team-oriented approach allows for extensive learning and career development opportunities for nurses of all levels, so that you can achieve your personal and professional goals.

One of the ways we show respect and appreciation for our staff is by ensuring your voices are heard – we're eager for your input, ideas and inspiration! We are committed to client and patient centred care and work hard to reflect the CAHS values of compassion, excellence, collaboration, accountability, equity and respect in everything we do.

As the sole provider of tertiary/quaternary paediatric services in Western Australia, working at CAHS offers a wonderful opportunity for building a long and rewarding career in paediatric nursing. Take the leap and apply now!

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Neonatology employs staff at both the NICU at Perth Children's Hospital and the NICU and Special Care Nursery at King Edward Memorial Hospital.

These vacancies are advertised through the Jobs in Health site.

Newborn Emergency Transport Service WA (NETS WA)

For enquiries about roles in the NETS WA team, please contact:

Jonathan Davis, Medical Director of NETS WA


CAHS employs a variety of support services roles directly assisting in patient care, such as:

  • cleaner
  • cook
  • courier
  • food service attendant
  • gardener
  • linen
  • mailroom
  • orderly
  • laboratory attendant
  • patient care assistant
  • store person
  • sterilisation technician
  • transport.
Nursing work experience placements are coordinated by NurseWest under the Get Real Experience and Try (GREaT) program.for high school students between years 10 and 12. 

Work experience placements in areas other than nursing are offered for the purposes of observation, allowing people the opportunity to gain insight into the skills and attributes that are needed to work in health. Placements are subject to availability depending on the area of interest. For more information please email us with the subject title 'work experience' and provide: 

  • Contact details and resume/overview of yourself   
  • Preferred dates of work experience 
  • Area/s of interest – in order of preference. You are encouraged to provide more than one choice in case your first preference cannot be accommodated 
  • School name and contact details.

PCH Volunteers support patients, families and staff at PCH and at Child Health Centres, helping to make the CAHS experience positive and warm. Through play, giving directions, providing refreshments, supporting special events and so much more, our volunteers in tangerine are a hugely valuable and respected team.

Find out more about how to volunteer your time here.

Last Updated: 21/02/2022