Aboriginal employment

We are committed to building a sustainable, skilled Aboriginal health workforce from entry level to leadership roles, using a variety of career pathways and employment opportunities for Aboriginal people.

Using section 51 of the Equal Opportunity Act 1984

To achieve equality and increase the representation of Aboriginal people in the CAHS workforce, section 51 of the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 will be applied to all recruitment pools and targeted advertised positions.

All applicants will be assessed against the selection criteria and must meet the work related requirements to be considered, in accordance with the Recruitment, Selection and Appointment Policy and the Employment Standard merit principle.

Cultural and Ceremonial Leave

Subject to the relevant industrial agreement, CAHS employees are entitled to time off without loss of pay for cultural/ceremonial purposes (e.g. to meet the employee’s customs, traditional law and to participate in cultural and ceremonial activities), and where there is agreement between the employee and their manager, and the employee has sufficient available leave credits, for example:

  • Annual leave
  • Accrued long service leave entitlements
  • Flexitime
  • Accrued days off
  • Time in lieu.

If an employee has insufficient leave credits, time off without pay may be granted.

Aboriginal Workforce Engagement Group

Aboriginal employees are encouraged to join the Aboriginal Workforce Engagement Group which provides Aboriginal staff with:

  • regular updates on relevant initiatives, events and opportunities
  • a culturally secure avenue to discuss relevant issues
  • a platform for sharing information and ideas to support the retention of Aboriginal staff
  • an opportunity to give input and provide feedback on new policies, programs and strategies that may impact on Aboriginal people and/or services.

Last Updated: 21/02/2022