Protecting the vulnerable

Our young children and babies are vulnerable to issues in the first years of life. Our Community Health team provide immunisations and post-natal checks to keep young babies and families healthy.


We are committed to effective immunisation rates and report monthly targets and rates for each age group under Community Health.

12 months

The target for Western Australian children at 12-<15 months of age having all their immunisations is 95%.
Children at 12 months of age
all immunisations received
Community Health:
June to September 2023
Target: 95% Result:
93.1% (non-Aboriginal children)
86% (Aboriginal children)

Postnatal assessments

Child Health nurses offer parents a postnatal assessment within two weeks of having their baby. This assessment checks on the wellbeing of the mother, the baby and the family looking at things like feeding, growth and answering any questions parents may have.  

The target for doing a post-natal assessment within 14 days is 90%.

Doing a postnatal assessment
within two weeks of giving birth 
Community Health:
April 2024
Target: 90% Result: 86.5%
Last Updated: 16/05/2024