Consumer Advisory Council

What is the Consumer Advisory Council (parent and carer)?

The Consumer Advisory Council (parent and carer) is a group that meets monthly, consisting of 12 parents and carers of children who:

  • Have been patients at Perth Children’s Hospital or Neonates at King Edward Memorial Hospital
  • Visited a child health nurse or school nurse 
  • Accessed our mental health services
  • Are eligible to access any of the above services

The Council meets monthly. Its main duties are to:

  • Discuss consumer issues and raise with the Child and Adolescent Health Service (CAHS) Executive
  • Provide advice to CAHS from a parent and carer perspective
  • Give feedback on the information CAHS provides to the public
  • Provide thoughts on how CAHS delivers our services

For more information about the Consumer Advisory Council (parent and carer), email 

Goals and Achievements

Recent achievements

In 2021, the Consumer Advisory Council (parent and carer):

  • Worked with the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards assessors about how consumers have been involved in the planning, design, delivery, measurement and evaluation of CAHS systems and services. This played a key role in CAHS meeting the accreditation requirements.
  • Contributed to the Patient Safety Consumer Panel delivered to staff. The panel members used their own experiences of using CAHS services to help staff understand how to partner with children and families to deliver safe care.
  • Informed Child Protection Unit remodel by visiting the service and providing feedback
  • Gave feedback on plans for the Children’s Hospice
  • Successfully advocated for establishment of bereavement support services which has now been funded and is in development


Future goals for the Council include:

  • Work with staff to develop a process that supports consumers to co-deliver and co-develop staff training
  • Creating better links with other CAHS consumers and consumer representative groups
  • Increasing information shared between CAHS staff and consumer representatives

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Last Updated: 05/04/2024