For parents and visitors

The families and visitors who access our service are often going through a stressful experience with an unwell baby who needs urgent or specialised care.

These resources will help to answer some of the questions you may have.

What happens to your baby during the transport

Your doctor will have contacted our team because your baby is unwell or needs specialised care in hospital.

Before your baby leaves the hospital, we will get them ready for the transport. This might include putting in a drip to give fluids and medications or a tube into their lungs to help them breathe.

We aim to transport babies as quickly as possible, but this can be delayed due to weather or other emergencies happening at the same time.

Some babies will become more unwell during transport, but most cope well without problems or complications. 

Which hospital will your baby be taken to

Your baby will be transported to either of our neonatal units:

About your stay

Find out more about your stay at one of our neonatal units.

Accommodation for regional visitors

Accommodation is available at both sites:


If it’s your first-time visiting Perth Children’s Hospital or King Edward Memorial Hospital, here is some information for patients and visitors:

The neonatal units have different visiting guidelines from the rest of the hospital. Babies who are in these units are often seriously unwell and at high risk of developing further complications, which is why there are restrictions on who can visit and when.

Read more about the visitor guidelines for:


Last Updated: 09/01/2023