Nursing Research

Departmental Overview

The purpose of child and adolescent health nursing research is to create, promote, translate and implement evidence for best practice to ensure that children (0-18 years) and their families experience quality of life living within their physical and/or psychological health environments. If facing health concerns or developmental issues, the journey for children and their families may be long and uncertain. Whether children are waiting for diagnosis, undergoing interventions or treatments, or coping with a new or difficult situation, nurses are available to help, guide, support and assist. The CAHS nursing research team will inform, and support evidenced based practice offered to neonates, children, adolescents, and their families in hospital and community settings.

Our research springs from five main streams, which are shown below. 

We also offer opportunities for new researchers to be involved including opportunities to pursue higher degree research.

Stress Research 

Contact: Prof Evalotte Mörelius

The aim of this program is to generate evidenced based knowledge about stress and coping in the family when the child is sick or in need of healthcare thus, decrease the risk for long-term consequences such as cognitive and behavioural problems. The long-term impact of the research will be improved health outcomes and lower health related costs.

Acute Care

Contact: A/Prof Fenella Gill

Fenella leads implementation science research focused on improving patient safety and family experiences in hospital.

Recent implementation research successes include:  Development of a uniform state-wide evidence based paediatric early warning system ‘ESCALATION’ with integrated parent /family involvement. Visit ESCALATION website for updates on the ESCALATION research program


Community Health

Contact: Dr Ailsa Munns

The aim of community health research is to work in partnership with families, communities and staff to develop opportunities for clients to maintain their own health and wellbeing. Specific projects include psychosocial support for students transitioning to secondary school, family support through integrated community-based service hubs and community health workforce development

Neonatal Care

Contact: Laurene Aydon

The aim of neonatal research is to provide evidence for practice to optimise the care for Newborns and their families in the neonatal units at PCH and KEMH . For instance, improving safety of care, interaction between parents and babies, and evaluating the admission process to the NICU.

Patient and Family Evaluations

Contact: Dr Helen Nelson 

This research aims to translate and validate the Australian Hospital Patient Experience Question Set (AHPEQS-Parent) for a paediatric context.

Last Updated: 23/06/2022