Communications and Marketing

Strategic communications advice and support is available to ensure research projects utilise appropriate and effective communications tools and methods. Assistance can be offered at any stage of a project.
Thanks to Telethon funding support, there is a dedicated Communications Coordinator allocated to support the research platform at CAHS. In addition, the CAHS Communications Team has specialists who can offer additional assistance with media, social media, publications and promotions.
There are guidelines and policies that are relevant to any research project that involves CAHS staff or includes CAHS patients, even if the research is coordinated by our research partners.
You may find the information you need in the resources below, or you can discuss your project with the CAHS Communications Coordinator, Research.

Branding, logos, consumer publications

Whether research is CAHS specific or done in collaboration with a research partner, there are guidelines for promotion and branding, as well as the publications that are shared with patients/consumers or displayed on a CAHS site. Please get in touch to discuss your specific project, and remember that CAHS communications processes and guidelines should be considered in the project design and as part of the ethics and governance approval process. 

  • CAHS Publications Guideline and Process Find out more  (CAHS staff only)
  • CAHS Style Guide, including logo useFind out more  (CAHS staff only)
  • State Government Crest/logo guidelines for useFind out more (CAHS staff only)
  • Co-branding between research collaborators - There are range of factors that must be considered when determining the co-branding of research projects and associated resources. Please seek advice prior to research approval when possible.
  • Graphic design - You may be able to access graphic design support through CAHS. Cost estimates can also be provided for internal and/or external services to ensure that this can be factored into funding applications. To find out more please contact the CAHS Communications Coordinator, Research.
  • Videography - If you plan to produce videos for your research, please get in touch with the CAHS Communications Coordinator, Research to discuss your plans to ensure they comply with the associated guidelines. Cost estimates can be provided for internal and/or external services to ensure that this can be factored into funding applications.
  • Photography - Please get in touch with the CAHS Communications Coordinator, Research to discuss any requirements you have for photography. Support may be available through CAHS. If you have news to share, the Communications team may be able to get a photo, or take your own on your personal camera or phone and submit for consideration.
  • Recruitment flyers and leaflets - Please email any recruitment material to the Communications team prior to submitting to ethics and governance for approval. It is important that the position and size of logos does not change following approval from Communications. 
  • Conference Posters - Templates are available on the CAHS Researchers intranet for CAHS staff. Please ensure that you use correct logos, acknowledgement of affiliations and job titles. Any logos you add need to match the size and align with the State government crest as specified in the CAHS Style Guide (CAHS staff only). Advice can be provided through CAHS Communications, especially if you are unsure about branding, and co-branding of collaborative research. 

Media and Promotion

  • Sharing good news - Get in touch with CAHS Communications to let us know about your good news such as funding outcomes, awards and recognition, research progress/results, upcoming events.
  • Strategic communications advice - Research projects can benefit from strategic communications advice at any stage. Input in the design phase can save time and money, while improving communications outcomes. Get in touch if you have a project that would benefit from communications expertise.
  • Media policy, guidelines and training - The CAHS Communications team is available to provide expert advice and assistance to ensure the best possible promotional outcomes. Please remember that there is a government media protocol and a CAHS Media Communications Policy (CAHS staff only) which should be considered in relation to talking heads, media liaison, acknowledgements and permission to film on a WA Health site. Please contact CAHS Communications for more information, and remember that urgent after hours media enquires can be directed to the team through the PCH switchboard. Access the policy and media overview (CAHS staff only) for more information.
  • Social Media Submit your news to be considered for sharing on our social media platforms. We currently have Facebook, Instagram and a You Tube channel. The CAHS Social Media Policy (CAHS staff only) provides staff with guidance on their obligations to work-related interaction on personal social media, and engagement with any CAHS social media channels.
  • Internal Promotion - News and information can be shared across CAHS in different ways. Please get in touch with CAHS Communications to share your news. Regular options include:
    • eBulletin (weekly for PCH; fortnightly for Community Health and CAMHS)
    • CAHS Research News (monthly email newsletter focused on research)
    • The Brief (monthly newsletter, broader CAHS news)

Recruitment and consumer involvement

Discuss your ideas and needs with the Communications Coordinator - Research. Through the CAHS Research Support team, you can also speak to a representative from the WA Health Translation Network (WAHTN) to provide advice on consumer involvement. Assistance and advice can be offered in relation to:

  • Recruitment of participants
  • Consumer involvement in research and research design 
  • Communication with potential participants
  • Communication with research participants (children and families)
  • Feedback to participants about research progress and findings/outcomes/translation.

Cost of communications

Where possible, consideration of communications requirements should be considered prior to seeking research funding. This includes both the cost of dedicated communications services as well as the costs of the development, design and production of publications and videos. Social media advertising can be a very cost effective part of the recruitment strategy. Please contact the Communications Coordinator - Research for advice on the costs associated with communications and marketing.


Thanks to Telethon Perth for their funding support of this service.



Last Updated: 11/03/2024