Data Management

Thanks to our partnership with the Biometrics team at Telethon Kids Institute, CAHS researchers have ready access to data management expertise to assist with their research. Bookable consultation sessions are available for researchers to discuss (or receive feedback on) their data capture/data management plans or to query elements of their case report form design. Data management consultants also provide access to and training for REDCap for capturing, management and storing research data.

Consultations are 30 or 60 minutes in length and can be used for any purpose, including reviewing a draft case report form, assistance in setting up a data management plan, or for working through specific REDCap related queries.

To make efficient use of this limited time, please come sufficiently prepared. This includes preparing your questions or queries in advance. For example, bringing a good draft of your case report form and having a solid understanding of how and when you will collect data etc. 

Thanks to Telethon Perth for their funding support which enables these one-on-one consultations for CAHS researchers and for contributing to the education session and administration of data management systems.

Last Updated: 18/06/2021