All of the presentations from our Research Skills Seminar Series are streamed live via MS Teams and the Avaya Workplace application

Below we have some answers to questions we are frequently asked about the Research Education Program as well as some troubleshooting information for those joining online.

Who can access the Research Education Program and Research Skills Seminar Series?

The Research Education Program and the Research Skills Seminar Series are an open access resource.

All of our recordings are accessible from the Seminars page.

Our only request is that you complete a short form with some basic data to assist us in developing our educational content and meeting the needs of our user base.


Do you offer any REDCap training and support? 

The Research Education Program has partnered with the Telethon Kids Institute Biometrics Team to provide an annual seminar on REDCap for Data Capture and Management, along with a series of workshops throughout the year, designed to familiarise you with the REDCap interface and explore some of the survey design instruments it has to offer.

Our REDCap seminars and workshops have all been recorded and are accessible from the REDCap resources page.

Additionally, we have recorded a series of short vignettes entitled REDCap Mini Vids which answer some of the most commonly asked questions from REDCap users. These are also accessible from the REDCap Resources page, as well as being made available to CAHS staff through the intranet. Search "REDCap training" for more information.

Our workshop schedule is regularly updated and is available as an interactive REDCap Workshop Schedule (PDF).

Where can I access the seminar schedule? 

Our seminar schedule is regularly updated and is available as an interactive Seminar Schedule (PDF). From this document you can register for a seminar, or watch the most recent recording. 


How do I register to attend a seminar? 

Use the links on our interactive Seminar Schedule (PDF) to register your attendance. 

We also invite you to follow our Eventbrite page to be informed of any upcoming and all newly scheduled events.


Image capture of where to view or manage seminar registrations through eventbrite.What if I can no longer attend a seminar?

If you are no longer able to attend in person, we invite you to participate online. By registering for an online ticket you can access the live seminar stream using either MS Teams or the Avaya Workplace application. Details are provided on the ticket confirmation email from Eventbrite. 

If you wish to cancel your registration, you have the option to do this through your event registration email. 

Scroll down to the "View and Manage your order online" link within the email, and click through to change or cancel.

Alternatively, you can email us at researcheducationprogram@health.wa.gov.au


Are your seminars recorded?

Each of our seminars are recorded upon delivery and uploaded in the following week. An email will be issued to subscribers to advise of newly uploaded recordings.

You can subscribe to our mailing list here.


How do I access Teams?

  • From your browser link visit MS Teams 
  • From your App store for Android on Google Play (this cannot be accessed on a health.wa.gov.au browser)
  • From your App store for iPhone on Apple App Store

Where can I find the Teams meeting link?

The Teams meeting link will be emailed to you directly through Eventbrite at 4pm the day before the seminar.

Please keep an eye on your Junk/Promotions folder.


How do I access Avaya?


In image capsulation of the Avaya Workplace log in screen.

How do I log in to Avaya?

  1. Open the browser or download and install the correct apps for your device as per the links above.

  2. Enter your name in the indicated field.

  3. Enter the Meeting ID in the indicated field. 

  4. If connecting via the browser, save the link to your desktop or browser favourites.

Download our instruction sheet for more troubleshooting advice for the Avaya Workplace application.


What is the Meeting ID for the Avaya seminar stream?

The meeting ID is most often 6084. Registered participants will be notified by email of any changes.

The bridge will only open 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time, Australian Western Standard Time (Perth). Attempts to join prior will not work.

Download our instruction sheet for more troubleshooting advice for the Avaya Workplace application.


Why do I have no sound when watching a live stream?

If the sound isn't working on your live stream, please try the following:

  1. Exit and re-enter the meeting
  2. If you are using a wireless headset:
    1. Check that it is charged and turned on
    2. Turn your headset on and off again
    3. Make sure it is connected before booting your laptop and/or opening the application so that it registers upon start-up.
  3. Investigate if the sound is turned up on your computer. There should be a separate volume level for the “conference client” in addition to one for the actual computer, laptop or device.
  4. Sound may not be available if logging in via Remote Desktop Connection. Please connect using a browser on your device.

Download our instruction sheet for more troubleshooting advice for the Avaya Workplace application.

Access the Teams troubleshooting guide





Last Updated: 07/02/2023