Seminar viewing locations

Each of the seminars presented as part of the Research Skills Seminars Series is available to access in a number of ways:

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Attend in-person at Perth Children's Hospital

Seminars are held from 12:30pm-1:30pm AWST on Friday afternoons in the Perth Children's Hospital auditorium.

How to register for in-person attendance

Select the 'in-person' ticket option from your chosen seminar topic on Eventbrite.


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Watch online from your personal device

Watch and listen to live presentations from your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone using the Avaya Workplace application or web-browser link. 

Avaya integrates with WA Health and is supported technically by the Statewide Telehealth Service (STS). You can use the above link to open the Avaya web browser, or to download the application direct to your personal device. We encourage those that would like to participate online to register promptly as the available number of links is limited. As a courtesy to other participants and our host presenter, also ensure your microphones and web-cams are switched off upon connection.

How to register for online attendance

Select the 'online' ticket option from your chosen seminar topic on Eventbrite

Useful links

Avaya Workplace user guide (redirects to HealthyWA Telehealth appointments at home)

Avaya Workplace Application Link 

Troubleshooting guide for Avaya Workplace


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Watch from one of our hosted locations

The Research Education Program are proud to partner with our friends and colleagues from locations across Perth who stream our live seminars through their video conference facilities.  

Hosted locations


How to register your attendance at a host location

Select the named ticket of your preferred location when registering through Eventbrite, ie. "Lions Eye Institute".

Seminar room location will be emailed directly from your chosen host intitute.

Become a host location

We encourage other Hospital Service Providers, organisations and learning institutions to become a regular host location for our streamed Research Education Program seminars. Seminars take place on Friday afternoons from 12:30pm to 1:30pm AWST (Perth). All you need is an available space and a video conference facility with large sharing screen. 

Contact us to discuss your options.



    Last Updated: 18/08/2022